GCX VHM-P Variable Height Arm Workstation with Multi-Position Work Surface

  • Includes L Bracket, Keyboard Tray with Slide-out Mouse Trays/​Mouse Pads, Work Surface, Storage Bins
  • Work surface provides three positions: Over the keyboard for writing/​general tasks, Tilted up to support documents, Behind the keyboard for storage/​general tasks.
  • Work surface dimensions: 18.3”/46.5 cm wide x 9”/22.9 cm deep
  • Plastic bins behind the keyboard tray for storage of barcode scanner, mouse, etc., easily removable for cleaning
  • Enhanced keyboard tray provides rigid mouse trays and smooth underside for improved aesthetics when stowed in fold up position — Suitable for keyboards secured by use of magnets.
  • Adjustable keyboard tilt (to minus 10 degrees)
  • Cable passage above keyboard tray & below work-surface module to facilitate cable management.
  • Flat panel height and tilt angle adjustments – 75/​100mm VESA compatible.
  • Product weight: 15 lb /​6.8 kg
  • Maximum flat panel weight for WS-0012-11 arm: 25 lb /​11.3 kg*
  • Maximum flat panel weight for WS-0012-13 arm: 10 lb /​4.5 kg*

*This leaves ~ 5 lb /​2.3 kg for keyboard, accessories, cables, etc.

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