Novus MY arm 2.0 זרוע למסך

זרוע למסך מסדרת MY , לשאת משקל עד 5 ק"ג, לחיבור על עמוד מסדרת 2.0 MY, חיבור ווסה סטאנדרתי 75/100 מ"מ

טופס קבלת הצעת מחיר

  • Infinitely height adjustable 2-part articulated arm with standard VESA 75/100
  • New cross joint with pivot function for working in vertical format
  • Closed mount for a tidy rear side
  • Mounting of flat screens up to 5 kg
  • Rotatable and swivelling
  • Range: 415 mm
  • Balance mechanism at the front joint for optimum monitor positioning
  • Enables horizontal positioning of the screen
  • Includes two cable clips
  • MY base as a mandatory extension
  • This standard mount allows monitors with VESA standard 75×75 or 100×100 to be easily attached. The value indicates the hole spacing in mm.
  • The value indicates the maximum bearing capacity of the supporting element or the maximum weight of a mountable monitor in kg.
  • The value indicates the scope of the product in mm
  • Novus offers a warranty of 2 years when handled in a proper manner.
  • This machine bears the GS approval of product safety.
  • The quality statement "German Engineering" ensures that a product was developed according to German quality standards by our engineering experts. All Novus products carrying the "German Engineering by Novus" signet are manufactured in our own plants around the world by our own workforce, managed and supervised by our headquarters in Germany.

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