NOVUS POS TabletSafe iPad 10,2″ Home Button

Universal tablet frame for 10.2-inch Apple iPads

  • Mobile tablet holder as the practical and modern basis for presentation and communication
  • Universal tablet frame for 10.2-inch Apple iPads
  • Aperture for Home button in the display screen
  • High-quality metal frame with matching surface and display screen finishes
  • The integrated lock provides secure protection against theft
  • Metal clips in the enclosure permit exact positioning of different tablets in the frame
  • Cleverly designed cable routing allows the tablet to be used all the time with the charging cable connected (we recommend using the original cable)
  • Dimensions: W 301.5 x H 231.5 x D 20 mm
  • Control functions remain accessible by the practical apertures at the backside. They can be closed off with the delivered cover caps.
  • Can be combined with TabletSafe stands and wall mounts as well as with all connect columns and connect support arms

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