Office Toolbar DUO קורה משולב עם 2 זרועות ותאורה

קורה 1600 מ"מ, 2 עמודים 250 מ"מ , 2 זרועות מסדרת CLU לשאת משקל 2-7 ק"ג כל אחת, 1 תאורה

טופס קבלת הצעת מחיר

אחריות: 5 שנים אחריות יצרן, זמני אספקה: עד 21 ימי עסקים. עומד בתקן הבטיחות GS.

  • 1-piece monitor support arm with gas technology spring for a comfortable, ergonomic adjustment of the monitor
  • Range: Clu I SW 314 mm / Attenzia complete 726 mm
  • Easy mounting of the monitor by quick release, suitable for mounting standard 75/100
  • Table mounting with system clamp 1 for a desktop thickness of 14-40 mm
  • Carrying capacity: monitor weight 2 x 2-7 kg, gas spring system for adjustable height
  • Height of the column: 250 mm
  • Extremely powerful LED luminaire with a luminaire luminous flux of max. 1708 lm
  • Size MY Toolbar over the desk: 1600 x 250 mm

The standard mount allows the straightforward attachment of all monitors with mounting interface standard 75 x 75 or 100 x 100. The value indicates the hole spacing in mm.

Table mounting with system clamp 1 for a desktop thickness of 14-40 mm

The figure indicates the width of the product in mm.

The value indicates the column height above the desk in mm.

The LiftTEC® arm with gas spring technology can be infinitely adjusted to any height with incredible ease.

!Der Wert gibt den möglichen Schwenkbereich des Produktes in ° an!

all items with universal clamp 1 can be attached to the product

Novus offers a warranty of 5 years when handled in a proper manner.

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