SureWash GO

מערכת הכשרה להטמעת טכניקת היגיינת ידיים על פי הוראות ארגון הבריאות הבינלאומי (WHO)

A portable system that uses artificial intelligence to deliver competence based training in hand hygiene and infection control.

The SureWash GO is a portable training system that uses a live video camera to measure the hand motions and provides real-time feedback to support the user in a “Deliberate Practice” learning framework. This approach helps users develop muscle memory of hand hygiene technique, therefore improving compliance, reducing the risk of infection and improving patient outcomes.

A positive education experience for patients and visitors

Not only is this training system beneficial to hospital staff, SureWash GO can also generate awareness around infection control amongst patients and family members. Its ease of use results in patients finding the training an engaging and positive experience.

As it weighs just 4.5 kg, the GO device is fully portable and comes with its own molded case with custom foam for ease of transport. Its ease of deployment ensures that training is available 24/7, 365 days a year.

World-leading gesture recognition technology

The live video image is shown to users on a screen and the image overlaid with real time feedback on their progress (augmented reality). In addition to measuring the motions of the hands in accordance with the WHO protocol, it can identify if staff are “bare to the elbow”. This information along with users level of progress can be tracked on SureWash.NET to reach hand hygiene proficiency.

Realtime monitoring and reporting

All SureWash systems also connect to the platform. Here users can amalgamate records and reports across multiple machines, design and build their own multimedia content and questionnaires for deployment, generate schedules and program plans, access user guides and FAQ’s, update their machines with the latest software and content modules, access marketing collateral and issue certification documents to encourage engagement with the target audience.

Compliance & certification

SureWash Elite incorporates an RFID badge reader and record management system so that in a large institution can ensure that its entire staff has undertaken training. An “exception report” can be used to identify staff that have yet to undertake training. Usage data can also be used in an Action Research or community of practice improvement methodology to have groups of staff set and attain improvement goals. Goals and an associated leaderboard can be used to drive local contest and challenges which motivate engagement with training. The SureWash Elite learning kiosk can be moved around the facility to provide self-directed training in the workplace around the clock.

Learning theory / Pedagogy

The learning system is organized in accordance with the experiential learning – “learn-by-doing” methodology that fits with Lean / Six Sigma Process improvement concepts. Learning is divided into multiple levels of increasing complexity (removal of prompts and increasing speed). The multiple levels promote the opportunity for multiple short learning sessions with feedback that leverages the latest finding in neuroscience on the learning of psychomotor skills. This approach helps users develop the embodied learning (muscle memory) of hand hygiene thereby improving both the compliance and effectiveness of hand hygiene.

SureWash GO Specifications



43cm/ 17” for wall mounting to 64cm/25” with camera up in tabletop mode.

Base Dimensions:

4.7” x 10.7” / 12 x 27 cm


4.5 kg / 9.92 lb (10 kg / 22 lb with Case)

Portable Carry Case:

Moulded flight case with custom foam for easy transport.



Microsoft Surface Pro (with Intel Core i5)
SoftKinetic DS325 3D Camera
External ports: 1 x USB 2.0
Power 110 / 240 volt
Kensington security lock slot

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